Sarah Palin. . . Is She Killin' It?

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A lot of people I know dismiss Sarah Palin because they think she’s either too conservative or plain dumb. The claim is that all liberals dislike her and half of the conservatives dislike her, so how would she ever win anything? Hmmmm….I think that’s complacent thinking. As with so many things, it’s never good to start out of the gate being over-loved. Sarah Palin was not over-loved. She was smacked around by the voters, battered on the ropes but never went down. Whether you liked or disliked her, she stayed her course.

Having brought Palin to her knees, The country could develop a dormant love for her.

Remember, at bottom, everything revolves around economic health. If Obama succeeds at restoring US economic strength, he’ll rollover into another four years. If he fails, the backlash could be heavy…enter Sarah Palin.

She’s a dissonant package, a woman presidential candidate (progressive direction for the country) with down-home, biblical, wholesome, conservative, AND sincere values. Like George Bush, she completely believes in herself. How many of us can say the same? This is one of the keys to success, hands down, whatever side of the political lines you fall on. A couple other things to consider:

1. She’s from Alaska, which adds a tint of crazy renegade. Always a bonus for the libertarian-minded.

2. She’s physically attractive; her features are sharp and symmetrical, and for many people she is someone they desire to be close to: an attractive mother figure. The American mindset loves security, trusts beauty, and follows desire. Time and time again, we see that no intellectual thought can truly trump this baser tendency. And it walks right with us into the voting booth.

So…is Sarah Palin Killin’ It? The answer is possibly so. Resigning as Alaska governor is a surprising step, and may be in the right direction. A worm has to crawl into a cocoon before it becomes a butterfly. A bear goes into hibernation before it emerges in spring for a fresh kill. She knows she has to go down low, disappear, regroup, before she climbs up high. So is she killin’ it? We’ll have to wait and see.

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