Going Pantless

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In my college days, a friend noted that it’s ok for a man to go shirtless as long as he wears pants, but it’s never ok for him to go pantless with a shirt. Pants with no shirt is cool. Shirt with no pants is a sign of insanity. Silly observations aside, there’s a recent fashion twist where certain high profile women are going out without pants. Pictures of Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Pam Anderson out on the town- or at red carpet events – without pants have surfaced around the web. So my question is an obvious one: Can you kill it in a shirt without pants?

Of course you can. Pulling off a successful fashion statement is no difference than doing a strong business deal. If you do it with confidence, don’t flinch and don’t retreat. As usual, it’s all about the energy you’re throwing off.

If you’re killin’ it, going without pants is simply a way for you and the world to see your body in a new way, to feel it in a new form, exposed. Proportionally it may be shocking to see bare legs coming out of a shirt, but it’s just because we’re not used to it in a public setting yet. Naysayers may chalk it all up to sexual innuendo, but this is a shallow reaction. Dressing in such a way can be an artform completely outside and above the simple sexual signs. Fashion, after all, is communication, so why let someone else tell you how many “words” you need to use or how long your “sentence” should be?

In my own life, I choose to wear tuxedo shirts to remind myself that each and everyday as a serious event, worthy of my best appearance and maximum celebration. If you’re someone who’s tired of reflecting on the “should I’s” or “could I’s” that cloud our each and every day, then by all means take that carefree and confident step forward in the world, bare legged or not. That’s how you kill it.

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