FridayBlogging: Ask Paul!

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Every Friday this summer I’ll be taking a few of your questions to share with the rest of the viewers on this site. This is completely anonymous, so feel free to use the contact form to submit more questions for future Fridays!

Is Killin’ It a cult?

Cult, disease, depression, addiction – these are all things that are in our world that people generally want no part of. If a “disease” could make you feel better and had no negative effects, wouldn’t you want that disease? That’s what a vaccine is. And if a sudden feeling of dissatisfaction would cause you to push for a better life than you ever imagined, wouldn’t you wish for that feeling? And if an addiction could give meaning to an empty life, wouldn’t it be reasonable to find that one thing you want to give yourself over to? Life is full of systems natural and man made, that we like to label either good or bad. If we restrict our selves to making use of only that which is called good (most often a label given by others’ experience and not our own) then do we not throw away half the tools in our toolbox? I think the answer is obvious. Keep Killin’ It!

Why haven’t I heard of Killin’ It until now?

There is an old Roman myth in which a young scribe returns from to the library of Alexandria after it has burned, lamenting to his mentor and teacher that since fire has destroyed the great library and its vast store of knowledge, he will be deprived in his studies and searches. To which the teacher replies, “Truth can no more be stored than the fire which freed it. When you need to know, the truth will find you.” Keep Killin’ It!


Paul, how do YOU find the motivation to keep killin’ it?

Let me answer that with this video that I made during a difficult time in my life:

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