One Legged Wrestler is Killin' It!

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Anthony Robles is a one legged wrestler. Well he’s a one legged man, who wrestles. And he just won a collegiate national championship, which is of course inspirational. Anytime someone with ‘less’ than what the average person has accomplishes ‘more’ than what the average person does it brings a tear to the eye and a flush to the face.

But to focus on his lack of leg is to miss the point of what Roble’s recent case of Winning can tell us. See he’s a pretty good wrestler, leg or not. He finished in the top ten the last two years. So did nine other guys. But he wanted to stand on the podium. This is how he said he approached this year.

“I came into every match this season believing I could be a national champion. I started every match the same way, like this was the national championship and the other guy was the other national finalist.”

What a nugget he’s given us – a gift from the attention drawn to him (let’s face it, if he had two legs I would never hear of him, its the first time I’ve ever known the name of the collegiate wrestling champion). So often in life we treat the steps toward our goal as just that, steps. But if we approach each step as if it were the final act we endow it with and energy and purpose which changes the nature of the step.

When you wash the dishes, wash the dishes as if you were preparing the kitchen for the arrival of the Queen of England, or for your finest feast, or as if you were never going to wash them again. The point is we have imaginations capable of changing our actual experience. Take whatever steps you find painful or boring in life, and treat them like they are the national championship, in your own way.

Then you’ll find that nothing is in between you and Killin it!

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