Killin' It With Opium

admin April 7, 2011 Comments Off on Killin' It With Opium

What maybe best defines Killin’ It in contrast to what else is out there in the movement/philosophy/guidance arena, is that Killin’ It does not attempt to distill meaning. With Killin It you’re not trying to boil down its essence into repeatable parts and mass producing it. Killin it is a placeholder only-a reference to something mystical and transcendent that we can all feel individually, but which could not be owned or codified.

I often think of what we’re all up against in our quest to be Killin It. It’s not so much the personal stumbles and defeats that would diminish our mojo, but the gigantic external forces which would prevent us from even finding the path that we might best walk. This video gives a very specific snapshot of one such area: an un-pc first hand accounting of just what opium can be and what it can be turned into. Notice how absent this voice is from the massive debate on drugs that has swamped our culture for decades. Yet how not dismissable it is.

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