Killin’ it in the negative.

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Killin’ it in the negative.

Jia Jiang

Jia Jiang, entrepreneur and inventor of “Rejection Therapy”

If you think about it, the most unappealing prospect for a mate is the one that’s desperate for you to say yes. The same is true for things like a  job or big opportunity we’re seeking. That’s why Jia Jiang is on the right track to success. He’s exposing himself to 100 days of rejection, and posting the documentation on his blog. As you’ll see on the site, Jiang got so used to hearing “no” that he got more confident when he made his requests – and people started sometimes saying “yes!” When you’re asking for something from another person, do like Jaing does and turn the tables  so  “no” is as positive as “yes.” Killin’ It!



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