After receiving a master’s degree in biometrics in 1994 at Kiev University, Paul began a two year pilgrimage across the globe with a backpack, tent, camera and lots of pens! Covering 6 continents and 27 countries he travelled with no destination beyond the next best place and a desire to hear what people had to say from places as far away from his own station as possible. Returning to his home in the US in 1996 he continued his study of human behavior while working as a fork-lift driver, door-to-door canvasser, short order cook and bartender.

By the turn of the millenium, Paul’s aggregate knowledge of the human condition led him to financial success as a corporate spokesperson and brand-making guru. From shaping product placement, to mapping out product release, to formulating training programs, Paul helped dozens of companies release successful products. While this success granted him the security and lifestyle that had been missing for the prior ten years, as is often the case, it also brought with it a counter-weight. Passing through substance abuse and depression Paul found himself in a gerbil wheel of missing contentment, seeking pleasure and gain and stimulation at an insatiable rate. At the same time Paul’s business success put him in position to be spinning products and policies at a level that left him feeling the soul-less wind of pure market capitalism. He began wondering if anyone could defend their individuality against the sheer magnitude and power of desire-manipulation that inundated every corner of a person’s life.

Paul’s life-changing event was less an accident than a confluence of fortune and will. Given an opportunity to spend the summer of 2006 with friends who had formed a creative team called Goatsilk in the wilds of Montana, Paul not only accepted the invitation but decided to launch himself in a new direction with one simple act. He committed digital suicide. Every file, every photo, blog, accounting, record, email, cell phone account – every single electronic byte of information involving Paul Crik – was destroyed. He Killed it.

With this new beginning, Paul and Goatsilk began the production and dissemination of what amounts to a life calling: Killin’ It. Fifteen years of searching the eyes and words of other people led Paul to believe that while everyone needs a set of guiding principles, there is no single set of principles or words which could work for all people. A guiding philosophy must lead you to your own mantras, your own realizations. Yet most purveyors of principles, be it religions or self-help gurus or CEO’s or politicians sell the idea that they own a guarded path to some form of peace or fufillment or enlightment, and therefore you must pay an admission fee. Paul believes that if its being sold, it can not be truly bought. Each person needs principals which are tailored to his or her own story. And the only person who can do that is him or her self.

Killing it is not his way, or the way, it’s your way.

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