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Why It's Good To Laugh at Unfunny Jokes…Plus, Paul Suggests a New Mantra: "THIS IS IT, FUCK IT, IT IS WHAT IT IS"

admin August 26, 2010 27

Tweet Have you ever had a moment when you were dying to make a joke, but held back because you felt it was inappropriate? Or more embarrassing yet, actually told a joke that was

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A Phillies Fan Kills It Majorly

admin August 21, 2010 17

Tweet Some of the most demonstrable moments of people Killin’ It are simple physical moments.  Take for example this amazing clip of a Phillies fan, on his way back from the concession stand, catching

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Why Jaoquin Phoenix is Killin' It Right Now…plus, What Does Paul Want From You?

admin August 18, 2010 106

Tweet Earlier today I caught this trailer for “I’m Still Here,” the upcoming documentary on Jaoquin Phoenix’s transition from actor to rapper in the last 2 years. What a great piece of art and

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What If You're Completely Wrong?! . . . Plus, Paul Weighs in on Obama's Nobel

admin October 15, 2009 115

Tweet If there’s any consensus about Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize last week, it’s that the award was given somewhat prematurely, perhaps in an effort to strengthen the presidents resolve on the

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A Mountain Community For Dwarves Only…Plus, Paul Offers Advice on Killing It as a Single Parent

admin October 5, 2009 104

Tweet As we trudge through our day-to-day problems, it sometimes helps to remember that there are magical places in the world.  One worth contemplating is a mountain commune for dwarves only in Kunming, Southern

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